What's this all about?

As you may have already heard, the State of Michigan is considering changes to regulations that could have serious implications for Spera, Dawn Farm, and other programs around the state.

These changes are likely to reduce access to care and increase the cost of care. This would be of great concern at any time, but is of extra concern when we are in the middle of an opioid and overdose crisis. Interruptions in access to care are likely to intensify the already devastating impact of this crisis in our community.

The implications of the proposed changes are not entirely clear but appear to include:

  • Requiring medical staff around the clock.
  • Staff certification requirements that may eliminate the opportunity for non-licensed staff to enter the profession.
  • Medication administration rules that would require licensed staff around the clock in detox and residential.
  • Physical searches of clients every time they leave and re-enter the facility.

The Spera Recovery Center has been in operation since 1994 and enjoys strong support from our community, medical centers, PIHP, and local government. Spera has an active and involved alumni base that is frequently recognized as a model of recovery-oriented care. We’ve never had a death or adverse event resulting in long term injury. This has been achieved through well planned safety protocols and close collaboration with our local hospitals. It serves as a critical entry point for services in this community.

If these rules were to be implemented, Spera's future would be uncertain.

  • It would cost much more to operate.
  • The loss of staff who love our clients would change character of this important sanctuary in our community.

Our Comments for LARA

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